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01 January, 2013

Hello and welcome to our blog. Expect nothing and you won’t be disappointed, because this is the very first attempt at a blog we have ever made! Hopefully Nick at Footprint will help us!

It is a beautiful day and we are setting up to show off the boat at the Inland Waterways Association 2013 Festival at Cassiobury Park near Watford. The week has been eventful and very enjoyable- so far. Our “neighbours” are around 300 boats, mainly narrow, getting into position for the festival, which runs from tomorrow until Sunday.  We will let you know how we get on!

The last 6 weeks have seen us with paying guests + family as guinea pigs, travelling the Thames and Grand Union Canal all the way to Warwick (not all at the same time!) Bonnie has fallen in twice and now jumps further to get onto the towpath. Her level of timidity has increased.

As we have travelled along, we have been extremely pleased at the level of interest and one-off comments from people watching and boaters alike. In Linslade we had an open afternoon to allow people to look around the boat, which also produced 2 bookings.

Our guests so far have been extremely complimentary and pleased with our services. Phrases such as “This room is bigger than my lounge at home” and “This is better than most of the hotels we have stayed in” are common.

Peter and Margaret Kirkham and Peter’s uncle Robert said “I need a holiday after the cruise as we must have done about 30 locks in 3 days but loved every minute of it !!!!!! The welcome on board was professionally exceptional, the catering was outstanding and the standard of the boat exceeds  anything we have experienced on a Mediterranean cruise.   We will be re-booking for a short break before the end of the year.  Congratulations to Dorenda and Gordon for looking after us so well and look forward to seeing you again in October.”

George and Andrea Lennon with son Michael (13 years old) travelled from Warwick to Napton Junction.  “Congratulations to you both on a fantastic boating experience, your standard of service and boat are truly exceptional.  We have had a wonderful time and wish you every success in the future”

Barry and Mavis Durose from Tring to Great Linford said “ For 3 days we have been spoilt and pampered with excellent standards of service.  Good luck to you both.  You deserve every success .  See you again next spring”.

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