The River Thames to Lechlade – and back

04 July, 2015

The 26 miles from Oxford to Lechlade has to be one of the most diverse stretches of waterway we travel.  In places the river is 50+ metres wide, in others it is closer to 15 metres.  The Environment Agency (EA) has clearly been working on vegetation, as in some places you can see around a bend!  In contrast, most of the bends reveal surprises and close encounters.  The variety adds to the appeal of the river. Wildlife and plant life have been seen at their most colourful.  Just seen another Kingfisher but that seems the norm these days.

Bridge on the Thames

Bridge on the Upper Reaches of the Thames

The Lock keepers are a distinct asset and the EA would be making a very big mistake, should they decide on any cutbacks in this area.  They not only do the locks, they keep the gardens looking beautiful and also have to keep the water flow at the weirs. Their advice and information, freely given, is invaluable.

Mooring at Buscot Lock

View at Buscot Lock





As we negotiate yet another tight bend, Gordon has asked me to have a look on the internet for drone helicopter courses.  He sees this as a real advantage, not only for here but also for parts of the canal network, he says.  He has already been practising “Launch the drone, I can’t see”.  I think he has been watching too many Police programmes on TV.

Our Australian guests  thoroughly enjoyed the trip, having not expected the River Thames to be anything like this.  Ken took literally hundreds of photos over the 5 days and we are looking forward to seeing some of them.

A great trip but the horse flies are a damn nuisance on parts of this stretch.

Hotel Boat Kailani
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