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09 February, 2016

We were visiting friends last week in Hertfordshire.  Being a pleasant sort of day we went for a walk and found ourselves alongside the River Lee close to Ware.  We know this area quite well from the river but not from the town.

Mooring at Ware

Kailani moored at Ware

Ware is a former medieval town and there are buildings with projecting upper storeys where you get the feel of ancient coaching days.  The name Ware comes from Weirs, another local feature. We learnt about Scott’s grotto and the Priory, both open to visitors and well worth including in a visit to the town.  In the centre of Ware are some remarkable 18th century Gazebos plus some more recent constructions in similar fashion.

Obviously our conversation focused on our trips in the area and our friends remarked that they had never thought of taking a trip on the river, despite living within half a mile. This reminded us of other guests who have intentionally booked a trip on the Thames so that they could sail pass their home.

Ware Gazebos

View at Ware on the River Lee

The next time we will see our friends we shall be cruising up here at the end of April. Hopefully it will be a bit warmer than it is now.

During our trip on the River Lee last year, a couple saw us at one of the locks and we got chatting.  The lady told us that her sister lived in the lock cottage, her cousin lived at the next lock and her uncle had been lock keeper the lock after that.  The lady herself was buying a cottage close to the lock downstream.  Is this keeping it in the family ?

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