Springtime River Cruising

07 May, 2016

What a difference a week makes!

Mooring at Ware

Kailani moored at Ware

Last Sunday our guests joined us in Ware, having travelled down from the North of England.  They left the snow, grey skies and cold weather behind them and met us in lovely sunshine. Along our route down the River Lee, the days became warmer and all enjoyed their days sitting out at the front of the boat. When we arrived at Alfie’s Lock (previously known as Picketts Lock) we placed the obligatory bounty bar in the box.

The guests have now left us at Kingston after cruising through London. The temperature today is 24 degrees and hardly a cloud in the sky.  They well understand our reasons for operating a Hotel Boat in the South!

London Eye

Kailani passing the London Eye

On our journey we heard Cuckoos, saw leaping fish, Kingfishers, Egyptian Geese with their 10 goslings, heard Big Ben chime Ten O’clock and received friendly waves from the PLA, Police and Fire Launches as well as Thames Clippers and Barge crews.  Maybe they’re getting used to seeing us on the tidal stretch? As we approached the London Eye we received a phone call from a boating colleague, Roger Flitter, who had seen us from a passing Clipper.  Roger was happy to see us on the Thames having given us much assistance to achieve our PLA licence.

We are now looking forward to seeing returning guests make the trip from Kingston to Caversham.

Hotel Boat Kailani
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