Unscheduled Stoppage

11 October, 2016

“I don’t wear tights on a Thursday” said Craig. “You will have to use a pair of to your own!”

It was a lovely bright afternoon – sunny but a bit breezy, and everyone on board was enjoying the sights from the River Thames.  We had already passed the Tower of London and gone under Tower Bridge and London Bridge, when Gordon heard the sound of “Beep Beep Beep Beep” under the tiller position coming from the engine compartment.  “Oh Gosh!!” said Gordon. “I wonder what that is?” (or words to that effect, as you might imagine). The guage showing the engine temperature quickly increased but there was no smoke, so his first guess was that a fan belt had decided to call it a day.  A quick check down below confirmed this to be the case.

London Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge London

We were able to pull over and moor up within 30 seconds on a berth where an ex-colleague of Craig (our LKE or Local Knowledge Expert), stood in bewilderment.  The expression on his face read “What on earth are they doing here?”  He then saw Craig and a smile appeared. It was at this point that Craig uttered the extremely helpful comment about the tights, having had the need for these late at night years ago on a country road when his Morris 1000 fan belt broke – at least, that’s his story!

Safely moored, Gordon was able quickly to attend to the problem.  Why is it always the most difficult belt that surrenders at the most awkward time?

Fan Belt shredded

Broken Fan Belt

We have three belts driving alternators, pumps etc. and on this occasion it was necessary to move two of them to enable the replacement belt to be fitted. Fortunately, we carry spares. Never mind, it all worked out in the end and we were soon on our way.

Our expected timings on this trip were to depart Limehouse Marina at 3pm, with an ETA Teddington of 6.30pm.  Due to the stoppage, our arrival at Teddington Lock was not until 7.15 and the light was just going.

On the plus side, guests experienced a beautiful sunset around Kew and Isleworth and David took some lovely photos.  We will have to ask him for a few.




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