Trains and Boats and Planes

05 June, 2018

TRAINS AND BOATS AND PLANES     and buses, taxis and bikes and on foot…..

When planning our cruising routes we consider the start and finish points and think of how guests will travel to the boat to join us and how they might complete their return journey afterwards. In most cases, we incorporate start points that are not far from railway stations, which allows guests to travel direct by train. Some travel by car and leave it close to the start point, then return by train to retrieve their vehicle. For parking, many guests have used the online service provided by, where home owners “rent out” their driveways, parking spaces or whatever. It has worked well for many guests over the years.

Routes around the London area are popular with overseas visitors who use Heathrow airport. We have known guests who arrive on the morning flight, then return to Heathrow on their last day for their return home. Past guests from Texas arrived at Heathrow at 8am, spent 3 days with us then returned to Dallas on the afternoon flight. They were well used to travelling and jet lag didn’t seem to be a problem.

Kailani and a train

Train passing Kailani at Crofton

Whilst cruising the lower part of the Grand Union Canal we are often within touching distance of Heathrow, especially at Bulls Bridge near Hayes and West Drayton. Depending on which runway is being used, when we are on the River Thames, flights coming in to Heathrow can be seen from the river in London, Kingston, Runneymede, Windsor and Marlow. From our usual mooring in Windsor we often see aircraft passing right over the top of the Castle. “Why would they build a castle under a flightpath?”. There’s no answer, or is there ?

Our mooring in Little Venice is very close to Paddington Station, which is approximately a 5 minute walk to reach us. We once moored right outside the rear entrance of Paddington Station, making us closer than the taxi rank. Our mooring at the London Canal Museum in Battlebridge Basin is a short walk from Kings Cross and St Pancras stations. At Limehouse we are very close to the Docklands Light Railway, which again is very convenient.

In 2016 we had a visit by a travel writer from the Daily Telegraph. He came to us by bicycle. We stored the bike for his trip with us and he pedalled away afterwards. Three pairs of guests have walked from their home to meet the boat in Kingston, while a family walked from their home to meet us in Caversham.

We believe one of our “regular” guests holds the record of using various means to join Kailani near Lechlade. From his home in Kent he used 2 buses, a short walk, 3 trains and a taxi.

Hotel Boat Kailani
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