A Taste of Kailani

24 January, 2014

On beginning a cruise on Kailani, guests have a glass of bubbly with crustados while Gordon goes over the Health & Safety on board. Once that is done and you are settled into your cabins,  we set off for a couple of hours cruising before we moor up for the evening.  You can either sit and relax, read, play games (we have a selection on board) or have a stroll along the towpath or for the more energetic a bike ride.

Your 4 course meal will be prepared with as much local produce as possible and served around 7pm.   An ever popular meal is:-

Dining area on board KailaniHot Salmon Puffs

Chicken Breast stuffed with sun-dried tomato and pesto, wrapped in prosciutto ham, served with new potatoes and steamed vegetables.

Homemade Strawberry & Pepper Cheesecake

Cheese and biscuits

Coffee and Mints

We include ½ bottle of wine per guest with each evening meal or soft drinks if people prefer.  Filtered water is always available throughout the day.

If we are moored near to a pub you may like to go for a drink , just sit and relax perhaps watching TV or chat about the day gone by and the new day ahead.


Hotel Boat Kailani
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