Autumn on the Grand Union Canal

31 October, 2019

To conclude our 2019 season, we spent around a month cruising north up the Grand Union Canal from Brentford to end at our winter base at Napton on the Hill. It has been wonderful seeing the ever-changing colours of the trees and plants in autumn.

Colours at Autumn

Autumn colours at Stoke Bruerne

The leaves turning through orange and always make a lovely picture, and as ever, we were blessed with lovely shades and light as we cruised along.

Colours at Autumn

Autumn Colours

Even during periods of rain, the colours maintained their autumnal appearance. Birdlife as usual was plentiful and the kingfishers made their appearance at many of the regular places – and some new ones, too.

The canal was beginning to have lots of leaves floating and if you are unlucky to moor under a tree, the top of the boat would be completely covered by them the following morning. As soon as we moved off, a job for Gordon was to sweep the roof – “Duck!! There’s a bridge!!”

From the start of the GUC at Brentford, the weather was “mixed” to say the least, and could have been kinder to us.

Horton Lock in Autumn

Autumn at Horton Lock

Apart from snow we had all extremities of weather on more than one day. However, the sun did keep making appearances and was a pleasure to see.  Guests were still enjoying sitting outside enjoying the wonderful views that the Grand Union has to offer right up to the end on 21 October, with some guests enjoying their afternoon tea outside on the bow deck.

So, that concludes our 2019 season – our 7th season so far. We’re now starting our winter break, but still looking forward to 2020 and seeing old friends and new on board Kailani.

Hotel Boat Kailani
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