Uncertain times

11 May, 2020
Gordon's summer house

Summer House and Shed

In these uncertain times, we hope you are all keeping well and following the rules. We are at home in Lincolnshire keeping ourselves busy by doing jobs in and around the house which normally do not get done as we are on the boat.

New born ducklings

Duck and ducklings

Gordon has been busy knocking down a shed and moving a greenhouse and then re-building a shed and summer house.  He has also managed to build a decking at the back of the house, I am around to be the gofer.  The only problem we have had is getting all the wood delivered and now we are just waiting for some roofing felt to arrive.  This hopefully will be this week and we can finally get it finished.

As for the season this year we will have to abide by the government guidelines but once we are given the go ahead we will head straight to the boat, which at the moment is still at our winter mooring at Wigrams Turn Marina at Napton On the Hill.  Hopefully, the country will get back to some form of normality sooner rather than later.

Nesting swans

Swans nesting

Magnolia blossom

Magnolia Tree

The weather over Easter and April has been mainly glorious and would have been fantastic boating weather.  April is usually a busy time on the boat and the month have been particularly good to us over the years.  We can all imagine the peace and tranquillity of the waterways especially at this time of the year and we hope that everyone is getting a chance to hear all the wonderful birds singing and hopefully seeing some as well.  Have you noticed them more and more, we certainly have?  People living near any water will now be seeing the newborn ducklings which we always enjoy seeing.  Swans are usually seen siting on their nests and the cob will never be far away (some will have started to hatch).



Spring is flourishing, all helped by the lovely weather.  The blossom on the trees and the bluebells are as stunning as ever.  If you cannot get out and about even for a walk, hopefully some of these photos will remind you of good times and put a little happiness into your lives.

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