All Things Bright and Beautiful

25 April, 2014

Our guests on Kailani last week loved the outdoors and the different plants and trees that we see on our route.  The colours were truly beautiful from the Cherry Blossom trees to the Oil Seed Rape in the fields.  We passed a swan sitting on her nest, lambs frolicking around the fields, the usual herons patiently stalking their prey and the outstanding colours of the birdlife. Fields of Rape

The previous week we saw the mother with her ducklings, where the cruelty of nature took its toll and the loving mother lost most of its brood.

This week we have seen more ducks and moorhens with their young growing up in what will hopefully be a safe environment.Pink & White flowers

The hedgerows show a mass of colour and variety in terms of wild flowers and weeds and the smell of the newly cut grass on the towpath enlightens our senses, showing us the transformation from Winter to Summer.

Our guests have walked, cycled, picked flowers and photographed enthusiastically.  Some of their work is shown here.Blossom Trees near Milton keynes

Hotel Boat Kailani
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