Menus aboard Kailani

21 May, 2014

These are a few of the delights that I cook aboard Kailani for our guests.  They may not always be in this order but as well as the evening meal shown there is always a selection of cheese and biscuits and coffee afterwards.

1st Night

Asparagus rolls with herb butter sauce

Chicken Breast stuffed with sun-dried tomato and pesto wrapped in prosciutto ham served with new potatoes and steamed vegetables

Strawberry Cheesecake

2nd day


Mushroom and Tomato pancake

Evening Meal

Egg mousse served on French toast

Roast Salmon cutlets with stir fried vegetables

Peach Melba trifle

Asparagus Rolls with a Herb Butter SauceSmoked Mackerel Pate served on a bed of Lettuce

3rd day


Fish cakes served with salad

Evening Meal

Waldorf salad

Fillet of Pork stuffed with Prunes and Apricots served with roasted vegetables

Chocoate Mousse

4th day


Peach, Parma Ham and Mozzarella Bruschetta

Evening Meal

Stuffed Potato skins

Creamy Turkey Stroganoff with long grain and wild rice with roasted peppers

Blueberry baskets with white chocolate sauce

Minted Lamb with Spring Vegetables with a Peppered Mash

5th day


Pasta Salad

Evening meal

Quenelles of smoked mackerel pate served in cos lettuce

Honey glazed gammon cooked in ginger ale served with salad and new potatoes

Lemon trifle

6th day


Tomato and avocado and peach salad

Evening Meal

Field mushroom with goat’s cheese and pine kernels

Aromatic spiced duck served with wild rice, orange and fresh watercress

Caramel mousse

Blueberrry BasketsLemon Kisses
Hotel Boat Kailani
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