International Travel

21 June, 2014

So far this year whilst travelling on the Grand Union Canal we have had some lovely friendly guests staying on board with us. They have come from various parts of the UK and overseas from Singapore, Malaysia, India, Malta, New Zealand, Australia, Norway and now Taiwan.

Canal at BerkhamstedWe have been lucky with the weather so far and at the moment it is beautiful and sunny.  Let’s hope it stays like this!Near Common Moor Lock near to Croxley Green






We have travelled from Napton Junction through the Tunnels of Braunston and Blisworth, moored in Stoke Bruerne, Linslade, Berkhamsted, Hemel Hempstead and Uxbridge as we travelled down the Grand Union Canal.  You can easily forget where you are with the lovely scenery, different colours and variety of wildlife.  There is so much to see even as you come further south into London. It is so beautiful.

We headed onto the River Thames at Brentford, where life changes.  You now have wide deep water where the boat moves much easier and the variety of houses and sights to see are impressive. These include Hampton Court Palace, Windsor Castle, Runnymede, Hurley, Marlow and Henley, the list goes on.Bridge and Church at Marlow

Then at Sonning – what a disappointment! The post box has been taken away! Those who have seen it previously have laughed at the sight of a Royal Mail post box on one of the bridge pillars – completely inaccessible! We know it was a joke, but did it have to go? Health & Safety…..maybe?Lock Near Marlow



The River Thames is quite calm now but when you think back to the floods in the winter, it must have been dramatic.  We spoke with some people who live in Chertsey and they told us of awful tales during the floods.  We are so lucky to not be touched by such life changing events.  All is now at peace on the truly majestic river.

Hotel Boat Kailani
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