Boats on the water

02 July, 2014

As well as the typical narrowboats and widebeams on the canals and rivers, we also come across various other types of boats. Especially on the Thames, there are plenty of Dutch Barges, various sizes of Cruisers and the very large trip and party boats with anything from 3 to 300 passengers. Some of the 2-man skiffs and wooden-built boats are extremely attractive and well kept.

Dutch Barge on the River Thames A Steamer on the River Thames Skiff Boat

We passed an unusual boat the other day; steam propelled  with its beautiful wooden hull and colourfully decorated.  Not sure if it was getting ready for a special event or not.  Yesterday evening the Royal Barge Gloriana glided past us on its way up to Henley for the Royal Regatta. We will be there on Wednesday with our guests to see the races and spectacle as we sail by.

We also see plenty of people rowing, as singles, twos and up to eight in a boat, some doing it more for pleasure but others quite obviously are out training.  It’s nice to see children paddling their canoes and we have also seen a dragon boat with the children competing (arguing) as to whose turn it is to bang the drum!

People enjoying rowing on the River ThamesTraditional wooden boatA traditional steam boat

Sailing boats are plentiful in some areas as well as paddle boarding which appears to be getting more popular.

Of course you always get a lot of people walking, running and cycling along the towpaths.  What I like to see is families out together. In Kingston I saw a tricycle with a seat at the front for a young child and another seat behind for an older child. Plus mum and dad made 4!

Last night we moored at Cookham Lock with permission from the lock keeper where we did not see another boat or human life.  Bliss!!

Hotel Boat Kailani
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