07 October, 2014

Having left the River Thames for the season we are now heading back up the Grand Union Canal. It’s like leaving an old friend behind!  The River this year has not been as busy as expected, considering the brilliant weather in the summer of 2013.  Perhaps next year will be busier!  Hopefully the weather next year will be as good as this year has been.

Cosgrove LockAs ever, popular places such as Windsor, Henley and Marlow were well patronised by boaters, but mooring was never a problem. Our guests have always enjoyed all aspects of the Thames and many have already re-booked future trips.

Now it’s back to doing the locks for a short time before the season ends in a month’s time.

It has been quite noticeable how fast the colours have changed on the trees.  The colours of the horse chestnut have been particularly striking, I am sure 50 years ago concurs were harder to find, but it certainly seems there is an abundance this year.  We made the mistake a couple of nights ago, when we moored close to a shedding chestnut tree and were woken by a smattering of concurs when the wind got up.  Must remember not to moor in such a location in future!

Boots like the ones Ramblers wearThe weather in the main has still been good with some sunshine most days, although the mornings are starting to feel a little chillier.  Last week we had some ramblers with us who were enjoying the towpaths and nearby locations. They enjoyed their time with us and were very happy to retire early, having spent most of their days out walking.  After their evening meal and a glass of wine they were in bed and asleep for 9pm.

This week the weather has changed with avengence and it’s back to long trousers and wet weather clothes! We recently bought some waterproof boots from Cotton Traders and these so far have been invaluable.


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