Access Guide


We aim to ensure that guests have access to the boat as easily as possible.

Access from a pontoon or other mooring is by a step down to the bow deck and 2 steps inside the boat into the saloon.

When the boat is moored alongside a pontoon and the rear is level with the pontoon, the front access step is level with the pontoon.  Guests are required to step over the front gunwhale (23cm) onto a level area and a 33cm step down onto the bow deck. See pictures showing the front access. The 2 steps inside are 20cm and 26cm down to the saloon area.


Access to Bow deck

Bow deck access

Pontoon access

View from the Pontoon

Entrance to Kailani

Front Entrance










Access at the rear of the boat is by 4 steps, 15cm, 27cm, 27cm and 27cm

There are handrails at forward and aft doors to assist access.

When the boat is moored in locations where the pontoon is above/below level, we provide portable steps at the front to assist access. A gangplank is available on more severe occasions. (rarely used)

All areas inside the boat are level.

The boat is not suitable for permanent wheelchair users. We can accommodate lightweight folding wheelchairs and frames in the saloon. It is impractical to allow wheelchairs into guests’ cabins.


Please contact us if you require further information regarding access or accommodation on board.



Cabin floors are carpeted and level.

The beds are 75cm from the floor. We can provide a step of 22cm to assist getting in/out of bed if required.

There is no seat in the showers.

The toilet seats are 45cm from the floor.



The saloon and corridor to cabins have wood floors and are level.

Lounge seating is 45cm from the floor.

Dining chairs are 47cm from the floor. Seat cushions are available.



Exterior seats are 38cm from the floor, including cushions of 5cm.


Hotel Boat Kailani