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Hanwell Locks

17 July, 2021

The Hanwell flight of locks are part of the lower Grand Union above Brentford. The locks are part of our London Ring and Kingston to Ware and Berkhamsted cruises, which we usually do 7 – 8 times each year.  The flight consists of 6 locks plus two above the flight – (Norwood Top Lock and… Read more »

Hammersmith Bridge

15 April, 2021

Hammersmith Bridge is a suspension bridge crossing the River Thames in West London.  It links the Southern part of Hammersmith in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham on the North bank of the river to Barnes in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, on the south bank. The original bridge was the first… Read more »

2020 – 2021 Winter Season

28 January, 2021

We are nearly half way through our winter break already. How time flies! With Christmas and New Year behind us we continue to keep ourselves apart from others and have been able to fit in a few morning walks on some of the bright chilly days.  We usually get quite nice weather over in Lincolnshire… Read more »

Covid and the River Thames

18 November, 2020

After an eventful start to our 2020 season (see our previous Blog), we were pleased that it didn’t take us long to receive bookings and we soon had guests booked on every trip.  We made the decision that it would be safer to take bookings from a couple/family or people from within the same bubble…. Read more »

2020 Season

31 August, 2020

  Following the Government’s announcement relaxing Lockdown Regulations, we formed a new Schedule for 2020 which was to begin on 13 July. Having retuned to the boat in the Marina a week before, when we had planned to do some jobs, we left the Marina on 11 July feeling excited but apprehensive as to how… Read more »

Uncertain times

11 May, 2020

In these uncertain times, we hope you are all keeping well and following the rules. We are at home in Lincolnshire keeping ourselves busy by doing jobs in and around the house which normally do not get done as we are on the boat. Gordon has been busy knocking down a shed and moving a… Read more »

Over the winter

02 February, 2020

  Our 2019 season ended with a seasonally colourful trip up the Grand Union Canal to Napton. Since then, the boat has been on its winter mooring at Wigrams Turn Marina. Despite this, we still have work to do. During the winter period we always have a list of jobs to be done and things… Read more »

Autumn on the Grand Union Canal

31 October, 2019

To conclude our 2019 season, we spent around a month cruising north up the Grand Union Canal from Brentford to end at our winter base at Napton on the Hill. It has been wonderful seeing the ever-changing colours of the trees and plants in autumn. The leaves turning through orange and always make a lovely… Read more »

Ropes and Knots

01 September, 2019

Ropes are one of man’s oldest inventions and today they come in an array of materials and methods of construction.  Natural fibre ropes made of sisal, manila, hemp, coir and cotton have largely given way to man-made fibre for use on the waterways.  Sisal, manila and coir are more often found made up as fenders… Read more »


29 May, 2019

A lock is a device for raising and lowering a boat, ship or other craft between stretches of water which has different levels on canals and rivers, effectively making the river navigable.. There are many different types of locks but all have the same principle of use. Locks on canals and rivers in UK are… Read more »

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