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Spring Breaks

16 November, 2016

“It’s not about where we start or finish, it’s about the journey” Our 2016 season came to an end 3 weeks ago and we are now enjoying some down time.  Even so, every day we find ourselves doing work on the business.  A couple of days ago we had an enquiry from a lady who… Read more »

Unscheduled Stoppage

11 October, 2016

“I don’t wear tights on a Thursday” said Craig. “You will have to use a pair of to your own!” It was a lovely bright afternoon – sunny but a bit breezy, and everyone on board was enjoying the sights from the River Thames.  We had already passed the Tower of London and gone under… Read more »


04 September, 2016

  This year, for the first time, Kailani has included Bristol in its itinerary, cruising the River Avon from Bath to Bristol and return.  The Avon is a beautiful river and the scenery along the way is lovely. As a port, Bristol was dominant along the coast of the Severn Estuary. The port and the… Read more »

A Canal and River journey

22 July, 2016

We have been on the Kennet and Avon over the last couple of weeks and other than the countryside and beautiful views we see from the boat there are also some places to visit with a difference. Wootton Rivers is a particularly pretty village made up almost entirely of timber-framed, thatched houses.  The church has… Read more »

London Canal Museum

02 July, 2016

  One of our moorings for the night on the Regents Canal through London is at Battlebridge Basin, home of the London Canal Museum.  We moor next to the entrance to the Museum. The building was constructed in 1863 as an Ice warehouse, hence the link with the canals as the barges used to transport… Read more »

River Conditions

28 May, 2016

What a difference a week makes!! We are on our way to Lechlade on our 2nd trip this year and the flow of the River Thames has reduced dramatically.  It has only been 3 days since we returned to Oxford but the engine revs have dropped, enabling us to have a much more relaxed journey…. Read more »

Springtime River Cruising

07 May, 2016

What a difference a week makes! Last Sunday our guests joined us in Ware, having travelled down from the North of England.  They left the snow, grey skies and cold weather behind them and met us in lovely sunshine. Along our route down the River Lee, the days became warmer and all enjoyed their days… Read more »

The Canal In Spring

18 April, 2016

We are well on our way in our 2016 season and the weather has been reasonably kind to us with plenty of sunshine, showers and the odd hail storm and frost at night. All our guests have enjoyed sitting out at the front of the boat watching the scenery and wildlife as well as the… Read more »

2016 Season

25 March, 2016

Our 2016 season is due to start this week and we have been busy getting the boat ready.  It is amazing how much there is to do. The engine has had a full service by RCR (River Canal Rescue) and Gordon has been busy making new plant boxes and doing plenty of other jobs around… Read more »

Ware on the River Lee Navigation

09 February, 2016

We were visiting friends last week in Hertfordshire.  Being a pleasant sort of day we went for a walk and found ourselves alongside the River Lee close to Ware.  We know this area quite well from the river but not from the town. Ware is a former medieval town and there are buildings with projecting… Read more »

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