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Kennet and Avon

01 August, 2013

Off the Thames at Reading and up the Kennet and Avon.  The surroundings change drastically.  After negotiating the traffic lights in Reading we are soon in dense countryside.  And I mean dense, with branches meeting the water from both sides. Along this stretch you can see some beautiful scenery with original turf sided locks and… Read more »

River Thames & Kennet & Avon Canal

02 July, 2013

We have just finished a trip with Nigel and his 3 children ending in Reading. Nigel is considering buying a boat to live aboard so was asking a lot of questions. They enjoyed lots of bike rides at the end of each day. We had already decided to explore the Kennet & Avon for a… Read more »

Hampton Court Palace

01 July, 2013

After the IWA Festival we headed south to Brentford and onto the Thames. We moored at Kingston upon Thames and collected Alan who we found out during his stay was on his 35th hotel boat cruise. We visited the gardens at Hampton Court Palace and saw the oldest vine dated back to 1768.  The gardens… Read more »

IWA Festival 2013, Cassiobury Park, Watford

01 June, 2013

WOW WOW WOW. Are we tired? 3 days of Festival, talking, answering questions and promoting the business. We were exhausted after showing around 3000 people through the boat. Yes, I said 3000. We have been elated by the fabulous comments and feedback from our visitors. We only took their comments for half of Sunday and you… Read more »

Welcome to our Blog

01 January, 2013

Hello and welcome to our blog. Expect nothing and you won’t be disappointed, because this is the very first attempt at a blog we have ever made! Hopefully Nick at Footprint will help us! It is a beautiful day and we are setting up to show off the boat at the Inland Waterways Association 2013… Read more »

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