#13. Abingdon to Oxford via Lechlade, 6 nights

Unfortunately, this route is booked.

This route takes us on the very rural Thames to the navigable limit of the river in Lechlade, retracing our tracks (or wake?) to Oxford.

Heading upstream from Abingdon, the river is very rural until we reach Oxford, where we often see crews training in their various types and lengths of boat. Catch a sight of the spires and sights of the famous University city as we approach Christchurch Meadow. Later, we make a stop closer to the city for a lengthy look round.

Near Folly Bridge, Oxford on the River Thames

Near Folly Bridge, Oxford

Beyond Oxford, we very quickly return to open views, firstly of Port Meadow and the grazing ponies. After the turn at King’s lock, it becomes even more peaceful and quiet as we meander along. There are fewer cruisers on this stretch of the river, owing to them being too tall to sail under Osney Bridge. Their lack is compensated by the increase in wooden skiffs and other rowing boats, replicating the journey of “3 Men In A Boat” by Jerome K. Jerome.

Buscot Lock River Thames

View from Buscot Lock


With some really lovely scenery around, we pass Pinkhill, Bablock Hythe, Tadpole Bridge, Radcot and Kelmscott, once the home of William Morris.  The river continues, winding along, sometimes doing a U-turn, taking us into Lechlade. This is a small town with some interesting shops. Our schedule allows for a stop in Lechlade before we head back on our journey to Oxford. At St John’s Lock there is the statue of Old Father Thames, resplendently reclining, holding whatever item has been placed in his grasp!

Our route takes us back down the River to Oxford, close to Osney Bridge.

A peaceful and scenic cruise along our famous River covering 64 miles and 26 locks – and not a single windlass in sight!

Join us on Kailani at 2pm and we set off cruising at 3pm. Departure on your last day will be at 10am.

The closest railway station to Abingdon is Didcot, then to Abingdon by bus or taxi.

Unfortunately, this route is booked.

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