#13. Bradford on Avon to Devizes, 4 nights

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A mixture of relaxing scenery and the “engaging” locks of the famous Caen Hill Flight.

Bradford on Avon

The Lock at Bradford on Avon

Bradford on Avon is one of Wiltshire’s beauty spots and a highlight on the canal. The town is well worth visiting. Until the 19th C, the town had 30 water-powered cloth factories in production. Some of these buildings have survived, ensuring Bradford remains rich in architectural treasures.

The scenery to the east of Bradford changes at almost every turn, with lots of open farmland and wooded areas. This is also one of the most popular routes on the English canal system, making some of the blind corners at least “interesting”.

Locks at Caen Hill

Caen Hill flight of locks

The scale of the famous Caen Hill flight of 29 locks is most impressive and the area is a magnet for on-lookers (gongoozlers in “canal-talk”). We are seldom alone as we transit the flight. A few locks further and we reach journey’s end at Devizes Wharf.

We have cruised 12 miles and encountered 37 locks and 6 swing bridges, 29 of the locks being in the final 3 miles!  Scenic and relaxing with more than enough opportunities to help if you wish.

Join us on Kailani at 2pm.  Departure on your last day will be at 10am.

The closest railway stations are at Bradford and Pewsey for Devizes. A taxi will be needed from Devizes Wharf to Pewsey Station. We suggest Devizes Taxis tel 01380 723129, fare approx. £25.

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