Terms & Conditions


Our aim is to make The Conditions as brief and simple as possible. They are intended for the benefit and protection of us and our guests. Nothing in these Conditions affects your Statutory Rights.

  1. Reservation Requests

Please read these Conditions and Terms of Booking.  Before making a Reservation, you may call 07447 051 558 or email info@hotelboatkailani.com to check availability.

Complete an online Booking Form or call us if unable to do so.    Receipt of your Booking Form will be taken as your acceptance of the Terms & Conditions.  Ensure that all sections of the Booking Form are fully completed. We will confirm your reservation by email or post as preferred. Make the payment of your deposit or pay in full if within 8 weeks of the start date. Make cheques payable to Hotel Boat Kailani. The person making the reservation is acting on behalf of and with the authority of all the persons on the Booking Formt and is responsible for advising such persons of the Terms and Conditions. Various information regarding the boat, crew, destinations and places to be visited are included on our web site. You will be deemed to accept this information, which is given in good faith.

  1. Bookings

Your Booking Form becomes the basis of a contract between us when we accept and confirm your Reservation. Please refer to the Section headed PRICES on our web site for Conditions relating to prices and payment terms.  You may request to change the names or information of guests at a later date by notifying us by telephone, SMS or email of the change and reasons for making the change. Our approval of the change request will not be unreasonably refused. If we refuse to accept the change, we will offer you a refund of money received less an Administration Charge. Your request will be confirmed by SMS or email.

  1. Cancellation BY YOU (the guest)

If you decide to cancel the booking, you must advise us immediately. Depending on the reason and timing of the cancellation, you may be responsible for Cancellation Charges. The date we receive the written notice shall be the effective cancellation date. We will treat non-payment of the full amount as cancellation by you.

Cancellation more than 56 days before the cruise date: Loss of deposit. Cancellation after 56 days before the cruise date: Loss of 100% of the total price. Cancellation during the cruise: Loss of 100% of the total price

In the event of your expected delay or late arrival before your cruise, you must advise us by phone, SMS or email immediately. If you do not advise us, our decision to depart after allowing a reasonable time may be deemed to be cancellation by you. We will offer you the option to join us at a later time on the same day or on another day within the period booked. We are not liable for any of your costs due to late arrival and no reduction will be given. If we are able to re-let the accommodation originally booked by you, you will be entitled to a refund of the price paid by the replacement guests, less administration charges of £50 per person.

  1. Cancellation BY US (Kailani)

We may cancel your booking under certain circumstances, being:

Non-payment of amounts due by the due date; In our opinion, embarking or continuing the cruise will be detrimental to the safety of persons or property; Adverse weather, tidal or river conditions, waterway closure or disruption; Mechanical breakdown; Health problems of the crew or guests;

Circumstances beyond our reasonable control and predictability.

Behaviour by a guest during the cruise considered by us to cause danger to persons or property or be unacceptable annoyance to us or another person may cause us to terminate your booking immediately without refund or compensation.

Where it is necessary for us to cancel your cruise before the commencement date, we will offer you either: 1) a cruise on the same route at a future date, or 2) a cruise on a similar route at a future date, or 3) a cruise on a different route at a future date. Amounts paid to us will be held over and offset against a future booking with us.

  1. Disabilities, Illness and Medical (including dietary) Problems

We will do our best to cater for any special requirements you may have. Should any member of your party have a medical or dietary problem or disability which may affect your stay with us, you must provide full details before we confirm your Reservation so we can advise you of the suitability of your chosen cruise. We regret we are unable to accommodate a full spectrum of impairment due to restricted access and limited disabled facilities on board. If we are not advised in advance and find it necessary to cancel your booking, Cancellation Charges may be due. If any member of your party experiences a medical condition which may be infectious or a danger to others prior to embarking or during the cruise, we must be advised as soon as the condition is known. We will not be held liable for personal injury or death during the cruise unless directly caused by our negligence. All guests are responsible for the decision whether to take out insurance to cover medical problems, cancellation and curtailment costs and other general matters.

  1. Special Requests

You must make us aware of special requests at the time of making a booking or at a later date in writing. We cannot guarantee a request unless advised in this way. For guests´ protection, you should ensure that such requests and our reply is in writing (letter or email). We will do our best to cater for all requests.

  1. General Conditions

We reserve the right to change embarkation, disembarkation, the cruise schedule or the entire cruise for operational, safety or security reasons or other reasons beyond our reasonable control. Safety Rules on board are for the benefit and security of guests, other persons and property. Guests accept to observe these rules at all times. A copy is available on request and is displayed on board. No smoking is allowed on Kailani at any time, including e-cigarettes and vapour products. Pets are not allowed on Kailani. Kailani is licensed for the sale and consumption of alcohol. Guests may not bring/consume their own alcoholic beverages on board.

The contract between us is governed by the laws of England and Wales. Only the parties named in the Booking may enforce the Terms of Agreement. The parties agree that the terms of the Contract Terms (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 shall not apply to the Agreement. Hotel Boat Kailani complies with the European Package Travel Directive Regulation 90/314/EEC.

Hotel Boat Kailani