Testimonials 2021

Arthur & Jean Testimonial

Arthur and Jean Bagnell Testimonial

Have had a lovely Holiday, Thank you both for the KINDNESS you have showed me.  The meals have been very nice, have enjoyed each.  The Boats was very nice and COMFORTABLE.

Thank you from

                          –    Jean and Arthur Bignell        –    25th May




Christine & Kay Testimonial

Christine Senior & Kay Rumney Testimonial

Thank you for a relaxing week with delicious meals and the care taken for our comfort.

                           –      Chris Senior & Kay Rumney        –     25.05.21




Michael Testimonial

Michael Todd’s Testimonial

Fine food, fine weather, good companionship

What else could we want?

      –    Michael Todd     –       02.06.21



Dave & Janet Testimonial

Dave & Janet Devereux’s Testimonial

Wonderful Trip Again!

Excellent food as usual

Thank you for looking after us so well

All the very best for the future

Love and best wishes    

          –     Janet & Dave    –    

Good Luck!

Joyce and Doreen's Testimonial

Joyce Dunstan & Doreen Howes Testimonial


Really enjoyed my trip on the Thames, and seeing you both again.

Thank you for looking after us so well.

        –      Joyce    –

It was worth waiting for!

Another marvellous trip

        –    Doreen    –

Lisa Testimonial

Lisa Cole’s Testimonial

Got here at last, well worth the wait, really nice trip, enjoyed every minute and enjoyed lovely food

       –     Lisa         –       8/6/21



Martin & Yvonne Testimonial

Martin & Yvonne Warner’s Testimonial

Gordon and Dorenda

Thank you both for your utter professionalism and hard work.  You do so much to make our experience an absolute delight.

It has exceeded our expectations by a long way – the variety of things seen makes it such a joy.  Every day brings something different.  We can see us joining you to do something like Abingdon to Windsor.

A very big thank you and hope that you manage to get to New Zealand.

All the best

      –      Martin and Yvonne Warner      –   

Brian & Marion Testimonial

Brian & Marion Voakes Testimonial

17th June 2021

Our second trip aboard Kailani and the standard remains top-notch!

Many thanks Dorenda and Gordon for your continuing hard work and professionalism.  It has been a super trip round London and you even organised the weather!

No doubt we will see you again on another trip, so until then many thanks again and hope you continue to enjoy safe sailing.

With best wishes

            –    Brian and Marion Voakes        –

Cyril & Olive Testimonial

Cyril & Olive Bolster Testimonial


6th July 2021 

Having a lovely time as always

Best wishes

             Cyril & Olive Bolster


14th July 2021

Sally & Neal Tetsimonial

Sally Burgess and Neal Thornton Testimonial

Thank you for a magical time on the River Thames – wonderful to be near the source!

We’ve enjoyed the slow travel, peace and quiet and tranquility, as well as the terrific menus and wine and info on the journey.

Congratulations on running a very good boat and trip – we’ve loved it.

                                     –          Sally Burgess & Neil Thornton             –


Philip & Jane Crisp Testimonial

Philip & Jane Crisps Testimonial


Abingdon – Lechlade – Oxford July 21

3rd trip and you have not disappointed.  Gordon – how you manage those tight bends on the upper reaches of the Thames!

Dorenda – wonderful food, as always.

Superb holiday, many thanks for a wonderful time.

                     –      Philip and Jane Crisp     –

22nd July at Abingdon

Margaret & Ken Testimonial

Margaret & Ken Harry Testimonial

What an enormous relief to come out of lockdown etc and enjoy the peace and beauty of the river and most importantly to be FED!

A splendid change all round and which has done us all good.  Thank you both!

        –     Margaret and Ken Harry      –


Rachel Harry Testimonial

Rachel Harry Testimonial

My first trip on a canal boat and i’m sure it wont be my last!  Beautiful scenery.  Tranquil and is so peaceful.  

Thank you both for all your unstinting help and assistance.  

The food was delicious, as Mum wrote, such a treet not to have to cook for oneself!

          –     Rachel Harry     –


Turner's Testimonial

Ian & Pat Turners Testimonial


Abingdon to Guildford

4th time on Kailani

Wonderful as usual

       –    Ian & Pat Turner

Testimonial from James

Janet & Mike James Testimonial

Guildford to Henley     7th – 13th August 2021

Gordon & Dorenda

Here we are again!  Wonderful hosts, great views, shame the weather was a bit off!!

Food was lovely as always Dorenda, and Gordon kept the wine flowing!

Thank you for your kindness and care.  Look forward to October

     –    Love Janet & Mike James    –


Veitch and Humberston Testimonial

Norma and John Veitch and Phil & Norma Humberston

Henley to Kingston    14th -20th Aug 2021

Our first trip on canal boat.  Lovely experience –  all we could need and especially wonderful food.

Weather was cold to start with but then redeemed itself.

Gordon and Dorenda were excellent hosts and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.


       –    Norma and JohnVeitch and Phil & Avril Humberstone    –



Love Testimonial

Jackie & Andrew Love’s Testimonial


Quite simply – SUPERB!!

Thank you for everything

      –      Jackie & Andrew Love      August 2021    xx   –


Hodgson's Testimonial

Rodney & Pat Hodgson Testimonial

Kingston to Kingston     24th – 30th August 2021

We have managed to get here at last and well worth the wait.

 we want but we will try.

We have had wonderful accommodation, food, company and the sights we have seen.

The weather kept fine for us which helped.

Thank you Gordon & Dorenda for all your hard work looking after us and making us so welcome.

            –      Rodney & Pat Hodgson      –

Brewer Testimonial

Dorothy & David Brewer Testimonial

Kingston to Ware     1st – 8th Sept 2021

Another great cruise, thanks for arranging the wonderful weather!

The extra Bow Rivers trip was most interesting with extra views of the Olympic Park.

To walk around Limehouse Basin was a joy.

Dorenda and Gordon excel themselves with the care and service they offer their guests.  Lovely meals, good chats, fun at locks, relaxing evenings and superb dinners.

Thank you both so much for putting up with us again!

     –   Dorothy & David Brewer    –

Sanders Testimonial

Alan Sanders Testimonial


Perhaps (no certainly) the best ever of the many I have enjoyed on Kailani over the last 9 years.

Just sad that it may be the last.  So a big ‘thanks’ especially for the surprise Bow Back Rivers bonus

         –      Alan Sanders       –


Ware to Kingston     –   September 9 – 13, 

Jennings Testimonial

Joe & Kathie Jennings Testimonial

For Dorenda and Gordon and for guests who follow us and Kailani trips; we after decades of expensive travel have never been cared for or shared a more lovely four days.

This has been a focused, skillful adventure directed by professional guides of exceptional quality. 

Our very best wishes for all your efforts on our behalf

        –      Joe and Kathie Jennings        –

Dorenda and Gordon exceeded our expectations in every way.  Our accommodations were equal to the best hotels we’ve stayed in.  The personal and personalized service was equal to or exceeded the attention s of our best luxury cruise experience. 

The meals were thoughtfully, lovingly and exquisitekly prepared and served. 


Elias Testimonial

Chuck & Kathryn Elias Testimonial

The days routines were wonderful and comforting.  I will sorely miss mid-morning coffee and cake and afternoon tea.  And a wake up call of superbly made coffee brought straight into your room!  Heaven.

I am so very grateful to have travelled the River Lee and had Dorenda teach me the locks.  I absolutely loved every single minute.  (You were so amazingly patient!) And you both, thoughextremely busy, always took the time to stop and have a chat – always making us feel at home and cared for.

What an educational, luxurious, delicious, slow paced, yet exciting, never the same scenery twice, historical, unique and unforgettable voyage.

      –    Gratefully    Chuck and Kathryn Elias    –



Elias 1 Testimonial

Chuck & Kathryn Testimonial part 2









K Jennings Testimonial

Kathie Jennings Testimonial


The Kailani is pristine.  The food gourmet.  But your personalities and indulgences will be remembered forever.

Thank you for a wonderful holiday!

        –     Kathie Jennings       –


Selden Testimonial

Testimonial from Adrian & Kibby Selden

Kingston – Kingston   London Ring

2nd trip with the best holiday Hotel Boat in the country.

Everything 5* as always, including the weather this time.!!

‘May your future continue where the tide and wind takes you’

     –    Adrian & Kibby Selden    Sept 21     –

14th to 20th Sept 2021

Harris Testimonial

Terry & Jane Harris Testimonial

First time on a hotel boat, had a great time, food excellent, I want to kidnap the chef, we are making plane to abduct her!  (We will be back)

Thank you for a great holiday

                    –        Terry & Jane Haines from Barnsley S Yorks   

PS (the scones are to die for)

Hunt Testimonial

Barry & Jenny Hunt Testimonial

Kingston to Kingston

We had hoped to show our American friends London from the water but covid intervened.

We loved every minute of the journey seeing familiar sights and new buildings.

The Thames in London was brilliant.

The food and drinks was excellent as it was last time we came on Kailani 2 years ago.

Looking forward to our next visit.

        –      Barry & Jenny Hunt      –

And Conkers !

Johnson Testimonial

Pat Johnson Testimonial

Little Venice to Kingston

Thank you so much for an amazing 4 days.

Saw an awful lot of duckweed and very expensive flats!

       –      Pat Johnson     –

Devereux Testimonail

Janet & Dave Devereux Testimonial

Kingston – Bulbourne  30/9 – 5/10/21

Superb as always – Thanks again!

Thank you for looking after us 

We wish you good luck!

All the best

        –     Love from Janet & Dave Devereux xxx           –


Hotel Boat Kailani