Testimonials 2015

Testimonial from Simone

Testimonial from Simone and family

Dear Gordon and Dorenda

Just a quick message to thank you all, including Michael and Bonnie, for your wonderful hospitality during the four very pleasant days we spent on board Kailani.

My family and I truly enjoyed the experience and are now considering doing more canal cruising.

I hope to see you again soon, whether on the water or at a trade show, and please feel free to contact me if you ever have any query on marine insurance. I will be delighted to assist you.

All the best for the coming season.

With Kind Regards

Simone and family 5th April 2015

Matt Howells Testimonial

Testimonial from Matt Howells and family

Dear Dorenda and Gordon

Thank you so much for your hospitality and for such a memorable trip.  We really enjoyed ourselves and the kids got so much out of it!  There were so many high points in just two or so days, but the lovely food, your friendship, the scenery and the amazing Kailani, will remain with us for many years!

Sam & Matt

Dear Dorenda and Gordon

My favourite thing about our trip was playing with Bonnie and doing the locks

Eliana and Milo     9th April 21015

Julia Rampen Testimonial

Testimonial from Julia Rampen and friends

Dear Dorenda and Gordon

Thank you so much for your lovely hospitality.

We enjoyed our time on Kailani, the scenery, great food and pampering sensation onboard.

Many thanks for all your effort

Best wishes       Ammar and Dima xxx

Thanks very much for a wonderful relaxing trip, best say to have afternoon tea.

–  Julia Rampen  12th April 2015  –

Katie Jarvis and family

Testimonial from Katie Jarvis and family

Red Kites, herons, kestrels.  Two contented lads cycling up and down towpaths.  Cooked breakfasts, biscuits, cake, lunches, fabulous dinners (now I know what it must be like to have a wife!)  I can’t think that life gets much better, Gordon and Dorenda are simply a delight – nothing is ever a problem.  To have this standard of luxury in the middle of nature, seeing English countryside at its most breath-takingly vibrant, is something everyone should experience.  All this and Bonnie too!

Thank you both for your kindness and unceasing care.  We absolutely have loved it.

–   Katie, Ian, Ed & Miles Jarvis   14th April 2015  –

Barry Roberts and family

Testimonial from Barry Roberts and family

Jess Roberts drawing

Drawing from Jess Roberts of her thoughts on Kailani

Dear Dorenda and Gordon

Thank you for a fabulous relaxing weekend on Kailani.  I don’t know how you fit it all in – running the boat, cleaning, cooking delicious meals and still having time to chat!

It was fantastic to take life at a slow pace for a few days – next time we need to stop the world and get off we’ll be sure to give you a ring!

– Lindsay, Barry & Jess Roberts   19th April 2015   –

Testimonials from UK

Testimonials from Harris and Siddall

Dear Dorenda and Gordon

Thank you very much for a fabulous week cruising the Grand Union.  Wonderful hospitality, great food and lovely company.  A perfect and relaxing week.

Looking forward to next year already.

Gill and Derek

Lovely     people




See you next year

– Clair and Bill   26th April 2015  –

Testimonial from UK

Testimonial from Jackie and Gordon Vans-Colina

Dear Dorenda and Gordon

Our chance find of Hotel Boat Kailani on google became an adventure of a lifetime.  We had no expectations, just wanted to chill out and watch the world go by.

Arriving on board was a warm welcoming joy, the hospitality of Dorenda and Gordon exceeded all our expectations, so many personal touches that made our days on board relaxed and happy.  Food was beautifully thought out and cooked and very imaginative.  Our journey was just perfect and we leave planning to return again in the future.

Many thanks

– Jackie and Gordon   30th April 2015  –

Testimonial from UK

Testimonial from Alan Sanders

Wow !

What a fabulous 8 – day cruise through vibrant and re-constructing London from Rickmansworth and Southall in the west to the verdant green remoteness (wildlife, bird-song and the cuckoo) of the Lee and Stort.

A cruise superbly enhanced by unbeatable home cooking and complete care and hospitality.  Even my bed was made. I did (as usual) work at all the 40 locks- but Dorenda did the hard bits!

Thank you G & D (and B) for yet another memorable holiday.

– Alan S.     Cranbroook, Kent   9th May 2015

Sandy & John Testimonial

Testimonial from Sandy & John Raywood

Have had a fantastic time, hosts went out of their way to take care of us.  Food great, cabin too.  Will be coming again, if they let John on board again.

Best wishes for the rest of the season

River Thames was unbelievable

Sandy & John Raywood –  21st May 2015

Dawn & Tony Dennis Testimonial

Testimonial from Dawn & Tony Dennis

Wow!   What can we say, from the moment we joined at Ware the welcome and hospitality was second to none.  The food wsa excellent and beautifully presented and we now need to go on a diet! Nothing was too much trouble and the patience of Dorenda and Gordon seemed to be endless.

We have thoroughly enjoyed our trips and going onto the Thames at Limehouse was a fantastic experience.

Bonnie is a delight and was always there for us.

Good luck for the rest of the season, don’t overdo it and we will see you next year.

Many, many thanks

– Dawn & Tony Dennis –  28th May 2015 –

Neil & Linda Monk, JoJo & Sean Austin

Testimonial from Neil, Linda, JoJo and Sean

Dear Dorenda and Gordon

You are both wonderful!  A million thank yous for looking after us so well and for another fantastic holiday.

JoJo and I are so grateful for such wonderful food – minus anything containing dairy, gluten, soya and eggs!

We can’t wait to return in September and again next year

– Neil, Linda, JoJo, Sean   31st May 2015   –

Larry & Barbara Testimonial

Testimonial from Larry & Barbara Wornham

A most amazing 3 night stay with Gordon & Dorenda.  A most relaxing time with a wonderful cook.  Food was brilliant with exceptional service and facilities.

Will definitely highly recommend this stay.

Hope to visit again

– Larry & Barbara Wornham   3rd June 2015  –

Jeanette & Dave Haskell

Testimonial from Jeanette and Dave Haskell

We have had the very best of time over the last 3 days.  Gordon and Dorenda have been the most wonderful hosts, the food has been exceptionally good and the accommodation is just perfect.

We have really had a most amazing stay and will go home feeling so relaxed.

Thank you both so much!  We look forward to travelling with you again very soon!

–  Jeanette & Dave Haskell  3rd June 2015  –

Igor & Xsenia's Testimonial

Testimonial from our Russian guests

Dear Dorenda Gordon ( & Bonnie)!

It was lovely days we spent with you. It is great idea to have such a hotel on boat, but you managed to make it real and pleasant.

  • Excellent design
  • Hospitality
  • Five stars food
  • Total relaxation

We highly recommend this kind of holiday and hope to repeat such a trip sometime.

Xsenia & Igor – Russia  18/6/15

Testimonial from Alan S

Alan S Testimonial

A superb last minute cruise down the Isis (round all the bends), and on to Abingdon.

Thank you G & D for such a marvelous and unexpected surprise.

Good luck on the K and A.

Alan S  Cranbrook Kent    June 28th 2015

Testimonial from Australian Guests

Testimonial from Ken & Bethel Webb

Every need and perceived need – attended to!

Thoroughly enjoyed our lazy, but very interesting week.  Lovely to meet Alan as well as Gordon and Dorenda.  A perfect way to experience the Upper Thames.  So much so we have already spread the word.

Our thanks

Ken and Bethel- Sydney, Austrailia  –  28.06.2015

Wayne & Sarah Parker

Testimonial from Wayne & Sarah Parker

Thanks Dorenda & Gordon for a memorable cruise!

What a fantastic way to relax – We have absolutely been waited on hand and foot. We’ll definitely recommend you to all.  Happy cruising for the rest of the season.


– Sarah & Wayne Parker  –  2nd July 2015  –

David & Jean Adlington

Testimonial from David & Jean Adlington

Thank you both for a lovely weekend.  A beautiful boat, excellent company, lovely food (but far too much which we just had to eat).  Not sure how you both manage to do so much but truly admirable.

Look forward to more 5 star service promised and 5 star service delivered.

P.S. and a wonderful rescue service for stranded narrowboat.

Cheers David (lock assistant) and Jean Adlington

Please send 2017 itinerary asap.

–      David & Jean Adlington   6th July 2015  –

Richard & Pam Littlechild

Testimonial from Richard and Pam Littlechild

Another wonderful cruise on your boat.

Thank you to you both. Dorenda and Gordon.  As always you have given us your special 5 star treatment, food, hospitality the best.  We also had wonderful travelling companions in David & Janet.

We look forward to returning next year

– Pam, Richard and Freddie   12th July 2015  –


Janet & David Testimonial

Testimonial from Janet & David

The perfect holiday.

Very comfortable with excellent service, good weather and very good company.  Glad we came back again, and will now be looking forward to next year on the Thames.

– Janet & David   12th July 2015  –



Joyce, Lisa and Doreen

Testimonial from Joyce, Lisa and Doreen


*   Here is your extra star!

Have had a wonderful time, hope to see you again!  (Thanks for putting up with my fussy food fads)


This was my first canal trip, can’t wait to come again, I hope.  Had a lovely time, really enjoyed the food. Thank you


My first hotel boat holiday was in the 1970’s – what a difference now!  Luxury all the way. I had forgotten how enjoyable locking can be even when the sun was reluctant to appear.  Thank you both for a lovely holiday.

–   Doreen     18th July 2015   –

Patrick, Valerie, John & Jen

Testimonial from Patrick, Valerie Torpey & John, Jennie Tyler


Thank you for a wonderful trip on Kailani.  We have all enjoyed it so much.

Great food, great hosts, great boat….!

– Valerie & Patrick, Jen and John    24th July 2015  –


Graingers and Swifts Testimonial

Testimonial from Peter, Marianne Grainger & Lucy, Amy Swift

Devizes – Bath

Thank you for a fabulous journey – excellent, food, accommodation and hospitality, not to mention excellent vocational training for new careers as Lock Wheelers!

The Aussie and Kiwis are now seeking new opportunities back home!

An amazing holiday

Thank you

–  Lucy, Amy, Marianne & Pete    27th July 2015  –

Bryan & Margaret Testimonial

Testimonial from Bryan and Margaret Whittle

Had a super relaxing holiday – food delightful. Host and Hostess wonderful.  Had a wonderful time – looking forward to doing it all over again.

See you in June

– Bryan and Margaret Whittle  11th August 2015  –


Brenda & Keith Fletchers Testimonial

Testimonial from Brenda and Keith Fletcher

To Gordon & Dorenda

We the undersigned have declared our marks for your wonderful boat.

20/11 for Hospitality

15/11 for the food so deliciously prepared

15/11 for the fallen etc

Thank you once again for the pleasure of your company and the delightful dishes served to us!!

Yours Unreservedly

– Brenda and Keith Fletcher  22nd August-

Ellis Testimonial

Testimonial from the Ellis’s

Kingston to Kingston via Tower Bridge!!

Amazing trip.

Beautiful boat, food and hospitality

–  Love the Ellis family  12th September 2015-


Kevin & Cynthia Simmons Testimonial

Testimonial from Kevin & Cynthia Simmons

Great people, food and boat!

Very relaxing

– Love Kevin & Cynthia Simmons  26th September 2015



Carol & Michael Sutton Testimonial

Testimonial from Carol & Michael Sutton

We have been to many 4 & 5 star resorts in the States and have never had such a wonderful time as we have with Gordon and Dorenda.  Everything is totally top drawer, including but not limited to the fresh food and comfortable accommodations. Everything Dorenda prepares is absolutely delicious and rivals any meals we have ever enjoyed.  Touches such as the Robes and Slippers for relaxing were the icing on the cake.

We had a blast helping with the locks and the scenery was unparalleled. One of the best vacation experiences ever – Totally worth it & recommended.

Thanks for all you do!

–  Carol and Michael Sutton  29th September 2015  –


Devereux and Savage Testimonial

Testimonial from Devereux and Savage


We have enjoyed our stay very much and hope to come again before long.

Excellent service, hospitality, food and lovely countryside by canal.

All helped by beautiful dog, Bonnie.

–  Jane & David Devereux and Marie & Tony Savage 6th October 2015  –

Jo and Olly's Testimonial

Testimonial from Olly and Jo Roggers

Dear Gordon and Dorenda

We knew we were on to a good thing when we spotted you at the Little Venice regatta earlier this year.  We were bowled over by the quality of the accommodataion on board.  Happily we managed to fit in your last three day cruise of the year from Warwick to Braunston.

The hospitality you have both shown is overwhelming, food and service fantastic and the beautiful scenery and autumn colours unforgettable. Your patience and good humour are never ending.

All the best to you for the future and we will be reommending you to our friends

– Olly and Jo Rogger  23rd October 2015 –

Testimonial from Oelrich's David & Margaret Oelrich’s Testimonial[/caption]

Dear Dorenda and Gordon

We will never forget our 3/4 days on Kailani, from Warwick to Braunston.  Your boat is a dream, first class in every way.  Thank you for your hospitality, you both work so hard and nothing is too much trouble.  Your menus are first class, after eating your delicious cakes and puddings, we will need to go on a diet. What a relaxing time, so tranquil, beautiful autumn colours and perfect weather.

We will be recommending you to friends.  All the best for the future.  With our good wishes

–    Margaret & David Oelrichs  23rd October 2015  –



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