Testimonials 2017

Dawn & Tony's Testimonial

Testimonial from Tony & Dawn Dennis

Yet again a fantastic trip!  There were so many highlights – the tunnels, Stoke Bruerne Museum, the antique centre, the Peace Pagoda, Bletchley Park and of course Stoke Hammond!!  Lovely to see Bonnie again.

But most of all a big THANK YOU to Dorenda and Gordon for fantastic food, comfort and brilliant, unstinting attention. We hope to be back – Thank you again

P.S. Not forgetting the lovely Kailani !!

–   Dawn & Tony Dennis    28th March 2017   –


Alan's Testimonial April 2017

Testimonial from Alan Sanders

A Grand Union of Kailani comfort.  Culinary delights, and Spring times colourful creations – not forgetting unbelievable weather – have combined to a crowning conclusion that this canal cruise, across the Chiltern Hills, has been the best ever!

10 out of 10.  Thank you – and here’s to the next time (at Ware)

– Alan Sanders  Cranbrook Kent    5-8 April 2017  –




Celia and Bobs Testimonial

Testimonial from Celia and Bob De Vekey

Thank you for a splendid 3 day trip Linslade to Berkhamsted.  The warm sunny weather made a good back drop to everything else ie lovely food, attentive care, pleasant company.

Your kindness and hospitality has been much appreciated.  Hopefully we will be back

–   Celia & Bob De Vekey, Watford, Herts     5-8th April 2017




Elizabeth's Testimonial

Testimonial from Elizabeth Kiddle

Berkhamsted – Little Venice

Just moved house so this was very welcome, totally spoilt and explored the Grand Union Canal along the side of Berkhamsted unknown to me.

So different from the A40 route more familiar to me.

Many thanks and every good wish

–   Elizabeth Kiddle   14 April 2017   –


Hillyards Testimonial

Testimonial from Trish and Stuart Hillyard

We wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our holiday on Kailani.  This Swas a well furnished meticulously clean craft.  Our friendly and knowledgable hosts Dorenda and Gordon served delicious and well timed food.  For me this adds up to the basis of a good holiday.

We found out so much about London you never see: at a leisurely pace.  The great advantage of Kailani is the Thames route. Limehouse, Tower Bridge, Houses of Parliament etc then back on the canal route at Brentford.

We would highly recommend this trip fpr a different special break.

–   Trish and Stuart Hillyard  15th – 20th April 2017  –


Testimonaila from Robertson and Bevan

Testimonial from Barbara and Ian Robertson & Karen and John Bevan


A wonderful trip through busy Camden lock to Limehouse and a cold but sunny voyage up the Thames to Brentford and back to Little Venice.

A well designed and comfortable boat and ecellent catering together with good company made a great holiday

–     Barbara and Ian Robertson and Karen & John Bevan   23 – 27th April  –



Lorimer Testimonial

Testimonial from Leonie and Nick Lorimer

Nick and Leonie Lorimer have much enjoyed our short trip, ‘on the cut’, starting at Battlebridge Basin 9Lings Cross, London) and finishing at Ware, a most charming little town with good facilities.

All was very organised by Dorenda and Gordon and Kailani and is a comfortable and well fitted out vessel

Many thanks from us both

–  Nick & Leonie Lorimer   May 4th – 8th 2017



Edwards Testimonial

Testimonial from Ann & Mike Edwards

We did both the London loop followed after a day by the River Lee trip to Ware. We loved the contrasts all the way along and the remebrances the trip brought back of us.

Ann trained at St. Thomas’s and some of our nurses homes were near the River in the Chelsea area and Mike knew the area around the River Lee very well.

Thank you from us both for a happy two trips – one on our own and one with Leonie and Nick

– Mike and Anne Edwards  April 28th – May 8th 20178  –


Sanders Testimonial

Testmonial from Alan, Kate and Helen

In just 4 days we have drooled over patisserie in .. you know.  Ware:   Visited King Harold;  left a bounty bar for Alfie;  viewed a floating penthouse; played sandcastles on the beach at Wapping;  been under Tower Bridge;  got drowned at Waterloo;  and (so Gordon says) boated with a seal near Brentford.

And all on the best hotel boat ever.  Thankyou  Gordon and Dorenda for looking after us so well.

–    Alan, Kate and Helen   May 9 – 13 2017 –

PS  The external shower was a novelty!

PPS  And I have had a bullet everyday!!  My new fruit diet! in contrast to the lovely cake feasts twice a day!

Thanks for a lovely break.

Bowers and Frankenberry Testimonaial

Testimonial from Pauline Bowers and Jim Frankenberry

Jim and I enjoyed every minute of our river trip, except the rain.  Dorenda and Gordon could not have been more welcoming, pleasant and easy to talk with plus the great service, good food and welcoming atmosphere.  There I have written it twice.

We enjoyed the scenery and palaces, the views from the boat.  All was as advertised and more.

Thank you both

–   Pauline Bowers and Jum Franknberry  – May 20th 2017  –


West testimonial

Testimonial from Derek West

What a terrific experience to join Gordon and Dorenda aboard Kailani!  Wonderful to rediscover the joy of the river cruising; the easy pace, the relaxation, and the brilliant service delivered by these two waterborne hoteliers.  The easy pace of course, only happens because of the professionalism and attention to detail of two people dedicated to their craft (pun Intended).

Many thanks for an excellent time – its been absolutely great to meet you and share an all too short part of your adventure!

–  Derek West (Newsquest Columnist)   May 23 2017  –


Burns Testimonial

Testimonial from Sue and John Burns

To Dorenda and Gordon & Bonnie

Made us feel so like family


– John and Sue from Newcastle Australia  –  June 1 2017  –




Buston Testimonial

Testimonial from Janet & Keith Burston

Our second trip with Dorenda and Gordon on their Hotel Boat.  Loved every minute.  Our travelling company John & Sue from Australia a great couple.  We also enjoyed the scenery, locks and swing bridges.

Looking forward to our next trip in 2018.

Thanks Dorenda and Gordon

–  Janet & Keith Burston  June 1 2017  –



Murch Testimonial

Testimonial from Sally & David Murch

A wonderful trip through the lovely Wiltshire countryside much enhanced by Dorenda’s delicious meals and Gordon’s skillful navigation

Variable weather but consistent

5* hospitality and good company.  Looking forward to meeting again in 2018.

–   Sally & David Murch   June 8th 2017   –




Little's Testimonial

Testimonial from Graham & Lesley Little

Many thanks for a fantastic trip, enjoyed every minute!

Fantastic opportunity for us to reminisce our experiences on our own boat!

It has been our pleasure to meet you both and Bonnie!!

– Graham & Lesley Little   June 16th 2017  –





Littlechild's Testimonial

Testimonial from Pam & Richard Littlechild

Another wonderful trip with you both from Devizes to Bristol.  So enjoyed meeting up with you both again and partaking in your 5 star hospitality.

Thanks for looking after us so well

– Pam & Richard Littlechild   June 16th 2017  –

Our first trip without Freddie !!

Highlights were Caen Flight, The Aqueduxts.  Both and of course Bristol


Siddall & Harris's Testimonial

Testimonial from Claire & Bill Siddall & Gill & Derek Harris

Very enjoyable and very hot (32 degrees)

Wonderful food, good company and lots of laughter.  What more can you want?

– Bill & Claire Siddall & Derek & Gill Harris   June 17th – 24th 2017  –




Moore Family Testimonial

Testimonial from Rosemary, Derek, Sue and Keith Moore

Back again for another trip to enjoy the comfort and excellent food.  The younger generation had a splendid time with the locks, and the older generation enjoyed watching them.

Very many thanks

– Rosemary, Derek, Sue and Keith   27 June – 1st July 2017  –



Bryant's Testimonial

Testimonial from Heather & Rob Bryant

Absolutely wonderful!  Thank you so much for an amazing experience.  We loved every minute and the amazing dinners. (I still think you are a top class chef Dorenda).

We enjoyed learning how to open and close the locks.  The contrast in scenery from the countryside to the city side of Bristol was fabulous.

We enjoyed your skilful driving of the boat Gordon, especially under the low bridge!

Thank you both for such a wonderful time.

– Heather & Rob Bryant (New Zealand)  2 – 7th July  –

10/10  P.S. The trip from beginning to end was PERFECT!

Lodge's Testimonial

Testimonial from Doreen Lodge

Yes, a very nice and thoughtful trip, safe, clean, sociable and meeting other guests.  It is to be recommended, food excellent.

Hope to visit again and a must for telling our adventures to our friends.

–    Regards Doreen Lodge   –



Freeman Testimonial

Testimonial from Christine & Mike Freeman

A most enjoyable experience.

One we will always remember

Could do more………………………….Thankyou

– Christine & Paul Freeman  July 9 -14th 2017  –



James Testimonial

Testimonial from Janet & Mike James

Superb hosts and food on our trip from Bristol to Devizes.

Lovely to see you again and hopefully another trip in 2018.

All our good wishes for the future

–  Janet & Mike James x  –

P.S. Scenery was wonderful as well.


Sanders Testimonial

Testimonial from Alan Sanders

Devizes to Newbury : a fantastic cruise on a fabulous boat on my favourite canal!

Once again thank you Gordon and Dorenda (sorry Gordon, I am taking the hat home!)

– Alan Sanders  25th July 2017   –



Three Lady's

Testimonial from Joyce, Doreen & Lisa

Newbury to Oxford

A very enjoyable second visit aboard Kailani, with Dorenda and Gordon. I felt that I was visiting friends rather than staying in a hotel!

Thank you          –  Joyce  July 27th – 2nd August 2017 –

Lovely contrast between the canal and the river – both beautiful in their own way.  Very well looked after by Dorenda and Gordon

– Doreen    –

I had a wonderful time, Dorenda and Gordon can even improve the weather!  Really enjoyed the food too!  Hope to see you again.

–  Lisa –

Geall Testimonial

Testimonial from Beryl Geall

Oxford to Abingdon via Lechlade

Thank you so much for such a lovely time.

Thank you for all your help for an ‘old lady’.  I really appreciated how you were happy and willing to go that extra mile for me.

God willing I hope to see you again in the not too distant future.

With love & blessing

–  Beryl    3.08.17 – 9.08.17  –

Turner's Testimonial

Testimonial from Ian & Pat Turner

Oxford to Abingdon via Lechlade 3/8/17 – 9/8/17    Also Abingdon to Caversham 10/8/17 – 13/8/17

Magic!  The wonderful scenery along the River Thames.  we never expected the River Thames to be so beautiful, with all the trees and to see the variety of birds! (Pat) saw a kingfisher for the first time in my life.  We know the Thames at the other end, where it joins the North Sea and Engluish Channel at Margate, so different!

Magic!  Dorenda’s delicious exotic meals, conjured up in a small galley kitchen.

Thank you Gordon & Dorenda for making us feel so welcome.  We would like to return and explore other waterways.  It was lovely to meet our fellow guests, Beryl, Lyndall and Murray.

– Ian & Pat Turner, Broadstairs, Kent

Hill's Testimonial

Testimonial from Murray & Lyndall Hill

Dorenda and Gordon delivered the total 5 star package!  From sunshine; drifting along the diverse stretches of the river; locks; being fed amazing dishes; listening to the anecdotes and being so comfortably accommodated, we loved every minute of the trip from Abingdon to Caversham.

Thank you most sincerely to our gracious hosts and gentle fellow travellers.

–  Murray & Lyndall, Queensland, Australia  10/8/17 – 13/08/17  –


Hemsted's Testimonial

Testimonial from Marian & Stephen Hemsted part 1

The Kailani Ode

(To the tune of ‘Gordon the Goat’ by Ralph McTell from his Alphabet Zoo)

Did you hear about the Kailani boat?

The smartest hotel you’ll find afloat.

Five star service and even wi-fi

You couldn’t find a better one,

No matter how you try


Hemsted's Testimonial 2

Testimonial from Marian & Stephen Hemsted part 2

And if you’re feeling hungry, I’ll give you more advice,

Sign up now without delay, it’s really worth the price.

The food never stops, It’s great and will really fill you up.

During the day, the fun never stops

There’s getting stuck on sandbanks, or wedged under the dock

Then there’s all the bird life too

herons, geese and red kites – kingfishers – yes it’s true

And if it is your lucky day, Read Arrows flying by

We could’nt have had a better time, however hard we’d try.

So Gordon & Dorenda, three cheers, you really are the stars.

Best wishes and thanks

– Stephen & Marian Hemsted   14 – 16th August 2017   –

Caversham to Abingdon


Liddle and Hubbert Testimonial

Testimonial from Angela & Michael Hubbert and Stephen & Terena Liddle Part 1

Mama Mia!!!!

After seeing the filming of Mama Mia at Godstow on the Thames, we were inspired to write this testimonial.

Hotel Boats – Kailani, ‘the winner takes it all’ the ‘name of the game’ is fun all the way.  Dorenda is a ‘super trouper’, her cooking alone is worth the ‘money, money, money’. ‘Gimme, gimme, gimme ‘Gordon at the helm’. ‘I do, I do, I do’ enjoy the generous hospitality too, ‘I have a dream’ to do this again.  ‘Knowing me, knowing you’ we’ll be back for more.

A fantastic holiday

Best boat on the water (loo)

Liddle & Hubbert Testimonial

Testimonial Part 2

Better than all the rest

A five star plus experience

‘Thank you for the music’ and the fun, the laughter, the food, the drink, the welcome and everything else that makes the Kailani special.

–  Angela, Michael, Stephen and Terena    – 19th – 25th August 2017

Abingdon to Oxford via Lechlade


Grainger Testimonial

Testimonial from Marianne & Pete Grainger

Henley to Kingston  31/8/17 – 5/9/17

Many thanks for a wonderful second trip on Kailani.

We wer’nt able to use our ‘lock wheeling’ skills this time but really enjoyed the change to cruising on the river.

Great hospitality and travelling companions. It’s a pity we live so far away!

–  Marianne & Pete Grainger    Auckland,  New Zealand   –

Ruck, Ramnefjell, Ween Testimonial

Testimonial from Neil & Mary Ruck, Astrid Ramnefjell and Nils Ween

Kingston to Kingston   6 – 12 Sept 2017

Thank you for truly memorable trip – particularly the drenching on the Thames!

It was great to see London ‘frpm the boat’ lots of great sights; and great food.

–    Neil and Mary Ruck   –

Tusen takk for en stralende ferie.  Mye nytt a se for oss.  London er flott !

– Astrid Ramnefjell

Translation of the above    Thank you very much for a brilliant holiday.  A lot of new sights for us to see.  London is great!

Og for en flott bat.  Ren og sin. Ui har hatt veldig gode maltider, varierte middager, delikate.

Var Thames dag var flott, mass rind og noen regnbyger, som ilke ;a demper pa hunupret!


–    Nils Ween   –

We do not have a translation for this part.

Ruck Testimonial

Testimonial from Neil & Mary Ruck

Just a fantastic trip, so relaxing.

Great food, good company and lots of fun.  Food the best for years.

Really enjoyed the ‘White water rafting’, Monday afternoon.

Thanks for a very good trip

Neil Ruck

Brewer and Gook Testimonial

Testimonial from Dorothy & David Brewer and Alasdair & Adele Cook

London City Sights 14th – 20th Sept

Thank you so much, Gordon and Dorenda for making us feel really spoilt.  We came aboard a little apprehensive not knowing our fellow guests, but soon became good shipmates.

Although the heating was not working, the stove kept us toasty warm.  Dorenda’s cooking has been wonderful, each meal an adventure!

We enjoyed many laughs together and have all had a lovely trip.

Thank you both

–  Dorothy, David Brewer & Adele , Alasdair Cook  –

Mills Testimonial

Testimonial from Cliff & Eve Mills

Kingston – Kingston  21st – 26th Sept 2017

Five fabulous days!  Gordon and Dorenda could not have worked harder to make this trip so enjoyable for us.  Nothing was too much for them – our expectations were exceeded.

We’ll be certainly telling all our friends what a wonderful time we had.

A really unique, unforgettable holiday.

–   Cliff and Eve Mills – Rutland  –

James Teatimonial

Testimonial from Peter & Iris James

We have had such an enjoyable time in your company, Gordon and Dorenda, and we thank you so very much for all those extra kindnesses extended to us – a couple of OAP’s!

After 5 days of luxurious, delicious food we are loathe to return to our normal fare, but after standing on the scales we may be grateful.

We have enjoyed every days journey through London, with all the variation in luxury, and poor areas, and wonderful to see that some beautiful buildings have survived.

Thank you so much

–   Peter & Iris James  –

Gilby Testimonial

Testimonial from Patricia & Gordon Gilby

Dorenda and Gordon are a super couple.  From the moment they welcome you onto the Kailani until the time comes for you to leave the atmosphere is so friendly.  Dorenda is a superb chef.  You will never eat finer meals.  She makes excellent cakes for morning coffee and afternoon tea.

Gordon has a great sense of humour, and no matter how busy they are, there is always time for them to chat with you.

Hospitality at it’s very best.  A great team.  Thank you for a lovely trip.

–    Patricia and Gordon Gilby   The London Ring  28th September – 4th October 2017   –

Guthries Testimonial

Testimonial from Alison & Iain Guthrie

Dorenda and Gordon have a beautiful boat from which to experience a very different view of London. We have been very well looked after and eaten very well, including a years worth of cake! which we claim to have worked off by opening some locks and walking parts of the towpath.

A technical hitch prevented us sailing up the Thames giving us an afternoon in Grenwich instead before returning up the Regents Canal to check on our lock operating skills.

We didn’t need the full set of water-proofs we had with us so thanks to Dorenda and Gordon and the weather monitor!

– Alison & Iain Guthrie

Anne, Tony, David & Jean

Testimonial from Anne, Tony, David & Jean

Leighton Buzzard to Stoke Bruerne

19th – to 23rd October 2017

Ther’s a 5 star Hotel Boat Kailani,      Where the food is enough for an army

We eat and we drink       And hope we don’t sink

Cos the crew is totally barmy.

Dorenda and Gordon our crew       When the wind it certainly blew

With one working the locks ‘n’          The other the Coxswain

Magnificently saw us all through.

While through shallows they trundled         And helped learners who fumbled

Their skill it remained supreme         The teasing was rife

it’s such a good life               It’s a relief that we’re booked in again!    (thanks!)

–          Anne, Tony, David and Jean    –

Alan Sanders Testimonial

Testimonial from Alan Sanders

Stoke Bruerne to Wigrams last cruise of 2017

I come feeling a little jaded.  I leave rejuvenated – by marvellous food, a good bed, good company, and two of the most glorious, sunny days (and two tunnels).

Thank you, therefore, for a superb last minute break – and here’s to next year.

–   Alan Sanders   Cranbrook, Kent   –


Jacqueline Rosebury's Testimonial

Testimonial from Jacqueline Rosebury

Stoke Bruerne to Wigram   Oct 2017

Last cruise this season.  Excellent trip Mavis and I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute.  The weather has favoured us and that in itself has done us both good.  We have both enjoyed Alan’s company and of course all of the wonderful food provided by Dorenda and Gordon.

Many thanks to both of them

–    Jacqueline Rosebury   –














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